Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Steve Winters, one of the mainstays of Jurassic Roadshow, grew up in Indiana and studied geology at Indiana University – Purdue University in Fort Wayne. Thus, he and his wife, Elizabeth, go to Fort Wayne every year to see family and sometimes tour the state a bit, too.

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly 4 years since I first saw Steve’s photos of the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, which has to be one of the best pieces of architecture out there. I’ve never thought of Indiana as the most exciting, forward-looking place, but things have changed since I went there on vacations when I was growing up in Ohio. The Barbie in the sign on the right is an interesting . . . commentary? Juxtaposition, anyway.

Indiana dino museum 3 048

I’d love to have one of these peeking in my window! See below, also.

Indiana dino museum SWinters 3 003


Indiana dino museum 3 047

This is absolutely the best. Nothing else to say, really. It’s just a fantastic piece of work, in every way.

Indiana dino museum S Winters 3 046


Indiana dino museum 3 002


This definitely is worth a visit. Next time I drive across country, it’s on the itinerary, for certain.

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