CSF Showcase: Welcome!

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Jurassic Roadshow is a pop-up event where amateur and professional paleontologists show their personal collections of dinosaur footprints and other (mostly) local fossils; historians evoke the history of the discovery of dinosaur footprints in the Connecticut River Valley; and artists provide materials and models for creating art that helps kids and adults become sharp observers of nature.

Above, bottom group: Jurassic Roadshow Day at the Springfield (MA) Science Museum in August 2015 drew about 500 people. Adriane Lam, then a doctoral candidate at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and now a postdoctoral researcher at SUNY-Binghamton, engaged the crowd with a variety of fossils and a challenge: What differentiates dinosaurs and dragons? Reba-Jean Shaw-Pichette’s art activities included having people design their own dinosaurs. Kids flocked to look through the microscopes that Steve Winters, professor at Holyoke Community College, always brings. A lot of the little ones were so curious they had to stand on a milk carton to reach the eyepiece!