CSF Showcase Videos #1

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Professor Mark McMenamin from Mount Holyoke College introduces Podokesaurus holyokensis, discovered and named in 1910-1911 by one of his predecessors, Mignon Talbot. Massachusetts people, if you want to have an Official State Dinosaur, please contact your state senators and representatives to support Bill SD6998 (in the Senate) and HD1392 (in the House).
In the first of his four videos, retired pathologist Harry Sharbaugh explains the geological conditions that made Turners Falls in the Connecticut River Valley a great place to find Early Jurassic semionotus and coelocanth fish and other fossils.
Harry Sharbaugh takes a look at fish fossils in black shale, from the surface view to x-rays, coprolites, and different levels of preservation.
Harry Sharbaugh explains fossils faulted through tectonic activity and shows a beautiful a mass mortality plate.
Harry Sharbaugh shows slickensides, tree trunks, coal, and a horsetail.
Sixteen-year-old Gracie Rosenberg has been fascinated with dinosaurs since she was very small. Her inspiration may have come from her grandfather, Harry Sharbaugh, or maybe it was just in her all along. In this video, she gives an overview of Jurassic dinosaurs.
Gracie Rosenberg continues with a description of dinosaurs of the Cretaceous Period.