CSF Showcase Videos #2

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Archaeologist Mark Agostini is interested in geology, paleontology, and ichnology, particularly in the Connecticut River Valley, as well as in its human history. In his first video, he introduces the Portland Brownstone Quarries in Middletown, Connecticut, where Jurassic dinosaurs left their footprints and indications of Jurassic weather have been preserved in trace fossil raindrop impressions, water ripple marks, and the like. Two more videos by Mark follow.
Mark Agostini, “Mysteries and Madness in the Connecticut River Valley: Barratt, Bone Casts, and Birds?”
Mark Agostini, “Future Research: 3D Imaging and Conserving the Archaeology and Paleontology of the Portland CT Quarries”
Cameron Muskelly is an avocational paleontologist/geologist and paleontology educator in Georgia. He will pursue paleontology as a career, with a focus on historical geology. Here, he shows a grallator footprint from the Passaic Formation in New Jersey, which was formed during the same events that created the Connecticut River Valley in Massachusetts and Connecticut and contains similar trace fossils.