Paul Olsen’s 2011 talk at Jurassic Roadshow on GCTV

The link below leads to the talk Paul Olsen gave on Saturday, July 23, 2011, at Roadshow’s lecture site at the Greenfield Community College’s Downtown Center. The talk was filmed in its entirety by our local community television station, GCTV (thanks go especially to Ian and Scott).

Scroll down to select Special Features, then scroll further to The Jurassic Roadshow Lecture by Dr. Paul Olsen. The lists are chronological, so you’ll need to scroll more than halfway down.

Paul OlsenThe lecture runs for an hour, so you’ll need to carve out time to watch, but I promise you it will be worth every minute. Paul talks about what makes a dinosaur a dinosaur, bird hips, halluxes, feathers, the Triassic-Jurassic Extinction, penetrative fossil tracks, the role of basalt ridges, and much more. If you live in the area, you’ll be able to see exactly what he’s talking about in the landscape around you. Added bonus: Film clip of a galloping crocodilian!

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