Kids     It’s graphically clunky, but this site has very good, easy to understand information about how fossils are formed and excavated, different types of fossils and how to find them, how fossils are dated, famous fossil hunters, and more. Even for nonmembers, this site offers a lot, and membership appears to be inexpensive.     Geologists and biologists at Beloit College have developed simple activities for school or home. There is an activity for trace fossils, which is what dinosaur footprints are, along with other types of fossil and earth science activities.     PBS’s dinosaur show for kids has ideas for parents and teachers as well as activities for kids. I met the show’s paleontologist, Scott Sampson, at the 2013 annual meeting of the Geology Society of America in Denver, where he gave an inspiring & energetic talk. Make sure the sound on your computer isn’t at high volume before you click onto this site: the train whistle is loud!

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