Links & an App for Massachusetts Geology

Professor Richard Little, emeritus from Greenfield Community College, sent this information out to his list. I thought it might interest people who check out this site, so he agreed to have it posted here. (Thank you, Dick.) He says:

Below you will find some amazing links to local geology information. A number of the folks on this mail list are teachers and you may find the following helpful for your classroom presentations or general knowledge. It is also a lot of fun to explore these maps for us who are blessed to be enamored with the mysteries of the Earth.

Thanks to this USGS (US Geological Survey) site, you can click on the Massachusetts State Geology map color detail and get the formation name, age, and rock type!

How about a search of the USGS National Geologic Map Database:

New Surficial Geo maps are available for the Ct Valley. While they are not overly detailed, they will give you a great overview of what is where.

Also at the above site:  How about an app for your iPhone from our impressive Office of the Massachusetts State Geologist? (Our State Geologist is Steve Mabee, in case you didn’t know, and his office is based at UMass-Amherst.)  Geograph MA is the Massachusetts version of the first GIS (geographical information system) for the iPhone. With its 48 (and counting) layers of information, it will help you understand your surroundings and become aware of the geography (and geology) around you. Unlike Google Maps, Geograph MA is completely self-contained, which means that it is always available, even without any cellular or wireless coverage. It can be used in the field, in the middle of nowhere. It can of course take full advantage of the iPhone’s built-in GPS receiver (this is more limited on the iPod).” — from their web site

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