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Our Partners

Springfield Science Museum   The Science Museum in Springfield, MA, has updated and expanded their exhibit of dinosaurs and the geology of the Connecticut River Valley.

The Trustees of Reservations/Dinosaur Footprints Site   Just off Route 5 in Holyoke, not far from the entrance to Mount Tom, this site contains dinosaur footprints in their “natural habitat.”

Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association (PVMA)   Edward Hitchcock, the first scientist to conduct a study of the fossilized bird (dinosaur) tracks, was born and raised in Deerfield, Massachusetts, where PVMA is located. Founded in 1870 as the first historical society in western Massachusetts, today the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association is a vibrant regional organization, supporting the Memorial Hall Museum and Library, Deerfield Teachers’ Center, Indian House Children’s Museum, and Community Outreach projects.

Pioneer Valley Institute   This educational organization promotes our Valley through workshops, field trips, art exhibits and seminars for people of all ages. Come celebrate this extraordinary region, its growing diversity of cultures, its history and geologic wonders, its artists and craftspeople, its great wealth of natural resources.

Beneski Museum of Natural History (Amherst College)   Except for two years as Congregationalist minister in nearby Conway, Massachusetts, Edward Hitchcock spent his entire professional life at Amherst College. He was professor of chemistry and natural history, and in addition served for 9 years as college president. His collection of bird/dinosaur tracks is beautifully displayed on the lower level of the museum.

The Connecticut Valley Mineral Club is proud to announce the 2013 Western Mass. Mineral, Jewelry & Fossil Show. to be held March 23-24 at the Holyoke Hotel and Conference Center, formerly known as the Holyoke Holiday Inn. This two-day event brings together a diverse group of people from all over New England and beyond. The trait they share in common is a love for all things related to the earth and earth science.

Nash Dinosaur Tracks   Behind the Nash’s home in South Hadley (technically in Granby, but more easily found from South Hadley), Nash’s has been quarrying their property and welcoming visitors for around 75 years! Although a small site, it is well worth a stop. Tracks from the site, along with other rocks, gems, minerals, and fossils, can be purchased in their store.

Western Dinosaur Tour 2013

From October 22 to December 7, 2013, our Project Coordinator, Sarah Doyle, made a tour of a few dinosaur museums in the western United States. They are listed below, with links to their web sites when possible. Sarah kept a blog for part of the time she was traveling and will be adding material to it over the winter 2013-2014.


Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Denver, Colorado  It takes more than one visit to see all this museum has to offer, even if you only stay on one floor.

Dinosaur Ridge, Morrison, Colorado  The mission of this organization is to  educate the public and preserve outdoor track sites in the area.

Morrison Natural History Museum, Morrison, Colorado   The discoveries in the Morrison Formation are famous to anyone who knows about American dinosaur paleontology. The museum is compact but wonderful.

Picket Wire (Purgatoire) Dinosaur Trackway, Comanche National Grasslands, La Junta, Colorado   1400 footprints in 100 trackways. Be prepared for a nearly 11-mile hike round trip. Guided tours available.

Rocky Ford Historical Museum, Rocky Ford, Colorado   Very good small museum housed in a former Carnegie library building. It has some rock displays in the basement and dinosaur footprints in the courtyard. Unfortunately, their web site has been hijacked by a commercial venture, but they can be reached at (719) 254-6737.

Dinosaur Museum and Heartland Haunt, Lincoln, Nebraska   This is a roadside museum of dinosaur reconstructions. A Haunted House tour and Museum Maze are also in the same building. It is off I-80 at Exit 382.

Ruth Hall Museum of Paleontology, Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, New Mexico  A coelophysis quarry is nearby. Some of the dinosaur footprints of the Connecticut River Valley are thought to have been made by coelophysis dinosaurs, or close relatives.

Mesalands Community College Dinosaur Museum, Tucumcari, New Mexico   Terrific small museum in an unexpected place. Many of the skeletons are bronze casts done by students. Opportunities to volunteer in the lab and go on fossil digs with paleontologist staff members.

Tucumcari Historical Museum, Tucumcari, New Mexico   An old schoolhouse is jam packed with anything you could imagine in a small town in the southwest. Rocks in the basement are organized by donor, a few labels, and hard to see behind the chickenwire. Mostly, an interesting example of how people relate to the geology around them. The building is surrounded by samples of local rocks.

Sam Noble Museum of Natural History, Norman, Oklahoma   The museum includes ancient life (with dinosaurs) as well as local history and cultures. It is on the campus of the University of Oklahoma.

Paleon Museum, Glenrock, Wyoming  A very small museum in a very small town was founded when a triceratops skull was discovered nearby in 1994.

Tate Museum, Casper College in Casper, Wyoming  From dinosaurs to mammoths, all in one very large room, this museum with lab and research facility is on the college campus.

Washakie Museum and Cultural Center, Worland, Wyoming  The museum has exhibits on local natural history, including dinosaurs and mammoths, and the human history of the Bighorn Basin.

Wyoming Dinosaur Museum, Thermopolis, Wyoming   A private museum in a small tourist town where you can visit hot springs, too. Options to volunteer in the lab or go on a dig.