Where You Can See Us Next

We are always planning ahead, so check back periodically to see if we’re coming to a venue near you.


Astronomy, Geology, and Dino Tracks! Oh my! Edward and Orra Hitchcock and Early Natural Sciences, Memorial Hall Museum, 10 Museum St., Deerfield, MA. Exhibit opened in June 2017 and will remain through at least 2019. Edward Hitchcock’s original investigations of Connecticut Valley fossil footprints and Orra White Hitchcock’s geological and paleontological illustrations astonished the world in the mid-19th century. This exhibit introduces the Hitchcocks’ contributions to astronomy, botany, geology, and ichnology in the very place where they started a lifetime of work together. Produced in conjunction with PVMA’s newest website, launched June 30, 2017, Impressions from a Lost World.  https://www.dinotracksdiscovery.org/

One thought on “Where You Can See Us Next

  1. I wish we could! But because our fossils are heavy and delicate and we are mostly volunteers, our programs are generally in Massachusetts and nearby sites in New England. I’m glad you’re interested, though. Have you gone to the Picketwire/Purgatoire site near La Junta in southeast Colorado? It’s a fantastic site.

    Thanks for contacting us!


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